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The Temple of Panda

Please do not feed the bears

Teh Panda
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All Members
This is our Asian clique. Your membership request will be sent to the moderators.
Post facts about Asian countries, speak in the languages when you can (if you are not fluent already), quotes, pictures, stories, absolutely ANYTHING! Thank you! Arigato! Xiexie! Khorb koon! Those are the only languages I know. Bye!

We're not going to be so harsh on you guys, just because this is a random/everything kind of community. We just have a few things we'd like you to follow:

1. No flaming other members. We don't like having arguments around here. We just ask you to play nice. Find that inner panda in you.
2. No advertising other communities. It just annoys me to no end seeing someone just post those things. It has nothing to do with our community, so don't do it.
3. Swearing is kept to a minimum. This also adds on to #1.
4. Keep long entries under a LJ-cut. I hate seeing these long entries that take up the whole page. That goes for big pictures, quizzes, those long questionaire thingers, etc. So yes, please, LJ-cuts.
5. No spilling tea on your keyboard. That was a request from Kyle. So don't do it! :P

If any of the rules are violated, you will be first be given a warning. But any after that, you will be kicked out. And that shouldn't need to happen.

Your lovely moderators: zimzdisturbed & darkxassilem

**More stuff to come soon**